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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Meet Adam, a 28 year old business owner from Colorado. Like many of us, the economic strain of the COVID-19 outbreak has left him without a steady income.

"I was working for the government for 5 fives years as a contractor doing metal fabrication. I started picking up weekend work doing catering, weddings, and stuff like that. I caught a gig doing a 5K in New Jersey and kept picking up events from there. From then on, it was just about networking. I've been freelancing and running my own LLC since then." said Adam.

A heavy burden for business owners in a struggling economy, is the strain of unknown outcomes. The unknown of what's to come and the unknown of how to survive. There's no doubt people are hurting. What's made worse is the unknown of how long this'll last. We can only speculate things won't be normal soon.

"I can see this impact lasting longer than people expect it to. I see it lasting far into August and even to the next year. The effects on the economy lasting 12, 18, 24 months before anything seems kind of normal again. That means for me that all of my projected events, in terms of work and people coming together for a unified purpose, is canceled." said Adam.

Having given his opinion of obstacles small business in America face, Adam left this piece of advice. "Never get ahead of yourself. I've had really great runs of 1 to 2 quarters where I'm making a great deal of money and I feel on top of the world, and then all of the sudden a dry spell comes around. So for me, one thing I hold the upmost value, is living below your means."

COVID-19 has caused a lot of concern for small business in America. What's more, is the cause for concern over how we will adapt to the new economic environment. American hope rests on the choices of our conscious actions. By driving five minutes to local shops, we directly support and improve the health of our localized economy.

The businesses in our own backyards need help. Think before you act, and make the conscious decision to help a business in your community.

The Q5K isn't about running. It's an avenue to spread this message and support small business. We believe the success of any movement, is the growth of a community. Together, we can add value and purpose to American lives.

Proceeds and donations from the Q5K will be donated to as many nominated businesses as possible. Register today, and support small business.

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