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Why Do We Run?

Sometimes that's life. Circumstances out of our control, uproot our life and turn it upside down. In the blink of an eye, things which seemed concrete, secure, and dependable are no longer existent. Many experienced this with COVID-19's impact on the small business economy, leaving millions of American's without jobs. In these times, most our faced with two options: run away from our problems, and hope they get better / run towards our problems, and take initiative to solve them ourselves.

Q5K is an initiative to support small businesses, and maintain physical health. We run for the families whose livelihood solely depends on the success of their business. We run for the families who put everything they have into a business and love what they do. We run for the small business who is proud of what they do, but was forced into closing their doors. We run for America, because as a country this is our problem to solve. By running solo, the Q5K is a reminder to Americans that we are in this TOGETHER!

Join us April 18, 25 and May 2 to participate in a movement that supports real business owners and the small business economy. Nominate a small business who needs our help today! Visit us at

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